Free Medical Simulation Scenarios

free medical simulation scenarios

Free Nursing Simulation Scenarios, Free Emergency Medicine Scenarios, and Free Healthcare Simulation scenarios:

I have previously shared the following articles on where to get free clinical simulation scenarios:

“And, Scene!” – Places to get Simulation Scenarios (even FREE)

Free Emergency Medicine Sim Case Library

Free Nursing Simulation Scenarios

Additional Free Nursing Simulation Scenarios

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Here’s 5 more free websites to add to your list of scenario resources:

GeroClinSim from the University of North Carolina (Free Registration Req.) – Geriatric Clinical Simulations:

MedEdPortal – Physician / Resident Scnarios:

National League for Nursing (NLN) – Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACES) : Geriatric Nursing Scenarios

Minnesota Simulation Alliance – Healthcare Simulation Library (Free Registration Req.):

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) – Free Nursing Simulations:

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    Hi Lance,
    So helpful to have these all compiled in one place! Would you consider also adding:

    SIM Scenario Exchange (TM) –

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