EHR Tutor Releases New Scenes Feature to Create Unfolding Simulation Scenarios

ehrtutor scenes

Last month we learned about EHR Tutor’s new “Scenes” feature, a solution to unfolding scenarios in simulation.

Official Press Release from EHR Tutor:

EHR Tutor announced the release of a new “Scenes” feature as a way to create unfolding scenarios in simulation.

As more focus shifts to simulation in Nursing Education, Simulation Lab Coordinators often struggle to set up and maintain patient scenarios. An electronic charting system allows a student to view patient data and then chart the skills he/she performed. However, until recently, the changing information from the scenario itself would have to be manually entered by an instructor throughout the lab, or entered in advance on the static chart.

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Now, with a single click of a button, lab staff can add orders, lab results and other data sets to a patient to match the scenario as it unfolds.

Founder of EHR Tutor, Diane Yeager, explains the importance of Scenes, “Unfolding scenarios in simulation is a hot topic, but there is no easy way to show unfolding patient data as a lab progresses. The manikins on the market respond to show signs of anaphylactic shock in response to an improper medication, but the chart showing the patient’s information will not reflect the patient’s distress. Where else do students find the proper information including updated orders and lab results if not in the chart? To have realistic simulation, we need the chart to reflect the changing scenario as well as the manikin and it needs to update in real time, not make believe time.”

Using Scenes, an instructor can create multiple Scenes on a standard patient scenario within EHR Tutor’s Patient Chart Library. Scenes can either correspond with a standard scenario as time progresses, or be used as responses to a student’s actions during a simulation.

The new Scenes feature was announced in a wave of EHR Tutor feature updates including multidisciplinary charting for interprofessional simulations, an Activity Library that allows activities/labs to be saved as templates and the framework for additional charting including Community Health, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Learn more at the EHRTutor website today!

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Dr. Paul Phrampus Shares Video: Beyond Healthcare Simulation Debriefing

paul phrampus simulation

UPMC WISER Simulation Center Director and Past President of SSH Dr. Paul Phrampus recently shared this helpful lecture regarding his perspective about the evolving landscape of healthcare simulation debriefing:

Medical, Nursing and Healthcare has become an important teaching and assessment tool to assist in the education of healthcare providers. Simulation can help someone become a better physician, nurse, paramedic, pharmacist through simulation programs in medicine, nursing and EMS. His new Youtube channel will feature videos to assist with faculty development, trian the trainer and other aspects of simulation program development for initial program design as well as program enhancement.

Visit the Simulating Healthcare Youtube Channel for more helpful videos!

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Surgical Science Shares 2016 EndoSim Product Updates

endosim from surgical science

Recently heard from Surgical Science about the 2016 updates of their EndoSim system, which won an iF Design Award last year! Using advanced modeling technology, lifelike anatomic detail and realistic touch feedback, physicians can now experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence and proficiency. Watch the video below for the latest EndoSim updates:

About the EndoSim

EndoSim, a cutting edge flexible endoscopic simulator from Surgical Science, delivers medical simulation training with unequaled graphics, usability and haptics (tactile feedback).

The complete EndoSim system includes a haptic hardware platform, with force feedback on insertion and rotation; a unique detachable desktop haptic unit; two scopes (gastroscopy and colonoscopy), with full insertion length tubes; Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1 & 2, and Therapeutic Skills software modules; all necessary computer and monitor hardware; and a height adjustable rolling SimFrame.

Key Product Features Include:

  • True-to-life physiological responses and tool behavior
  • The only available detachable desktop haptic unit for enhanced portability and usability
  • Comprehensive training package, including administrator-friendly course planning features
  • Customizable skill training and case scenarios
  • Extensive performance metrics

EndoSim Software Modules:

  • Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1
  • Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 2
  • Therapeutic Skills
  • Lower GI: Colonoscopy Intubation (additional module)
  • Upper GI: Gastroscopy Intubation (additional module)

About the iF Design Award

Surgical Science announced today that SimFrame, the platform for the company’s flagship LapSim and EndoSim systems, has been awarded the prestigious 2015 Gold iF Design Award. An international jury of experts evaluated nearly 5,000 entries from across the world, awarding 1,629 iF Design Award winners.

Of those, 75, including Surgical Science, were recipients of the additional iF Gold Award for “best in competition,” honoring particularly exceptional design achievements. “When we developed the SimFrame platform we wanted it to be sophisticated, elegant and easy to use, both inside and out,” said Hans Uddenberg, global product manager. “Our team has managed to pair cutting-edge technology with premium design that has established us as a design leader beyond the borders of virtual reality surgical training. This award is a testament to the designers, engineers and others who worked with a tireless attention to detail to produce something of global critical acclaim.”

Learn more on the Surgical Science website!

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7th Annual ASPiH UK Simulation Conference Opens Registration!

Registration is now open for the 2016 Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) UK meeting! This is the 7th annual event from the innovative leaders of healthcare simulation support in the United Kingdom.

Key Event Info:
Mercure Grand Hotel
Bristol, UK
Nov. 15th-17th 2016

Speakers confirmed include Professors:

  • Charles Vincent Patient Safety Lead Oxford
  • Wendy Reid Medical Director HEE
  • Brendan McCormack Head of Division of Nursing Aberdeen.
  • Ed Piele Professor Emeritus in Medical Education University of Warwick

Opening Keynote Address

Dr. John Vozenilek  MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer Jump trading Simulation and Education Centre University of Illinois will be providing the Opening Keynote address.

Prior to his appointment as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Simulation for the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, “Dr. Voz” was the Director of Simulation Technology and Immersive Learning program for the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University where he provided central coordination and oversight for the undergraduate, graduate, interdisciplinary, and continuing medical education programs.

Under his direction, the medical school created additional organizational capabilities and infrastructure, building resources for educators who wish to use additional innovative learning technologies for teaching and assessment, measuring success with patient-based outcomes research. In May of 2008, Dr. Vozenilek co-chaired the first Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – sponsored national consensus conference on using simulation research to define and develop clinical expertise. In his work at Northwestern he served as faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Research and its Center for Patient Safety, and continues to teach within its master’s degree program in health care quality and safety.

Learn more & Register at the ASPiH 2016 Event Page today!

SimED Monthly Healthcare Simulation Resource Newsletter!


Today we are sharing these crucial simulation updates from SimEd, Australia’s leading simulation resource portal!

Sign up for these Free SimED resources today!

Welcome to SimEd monthly newsletter:

  • New *Part 1* pharmacy scenario contributed by Joy Spark and Pene Wood from La Trobe University focuses on effective communication when dispensing medications for a practicing community pharmacist.  Part 2 to follow in July 2016.  Note: Registered access ONLY
  • La Trobe lecturer Sandy Connors talks about the benefits of having 2nd year nursing students participate as simulated patients for first year student classes.  Read the case study in full here.
  • Upcoming EVENT – VSA Annual Regional Symposium, on Friday 15th July, 2016. This event will take place in Warrnambool, Victoria (Australia)
  • See current news and events listed on SimEd

simulation australia

Planning an event or promoting your simulation program?  Let us know so we can keep our news and events information up to date.  Contact them for more info!


Contribute to SimEd – This is an opportunity to provide content to ensure SimEd continues to promote and share the research or simulated learning activities going on in your part of the world.  Contact them for more info.

Missed the SimED May update? 

  • La Trobe Rural Health School sent a new simulated patient recruit to attend the HEAL SP training course in Melbourne. Read about the program on the website.
  • Read “Simulation in postgraduate high acuity nursing programs; a valuable component within a blended learning curriculum” contributed by La Trobe university nursing academics Joannet Hardenberg and Kathleen Tori, added to case studies.
  • New Scenario added to the scenario resources – Tracheostomy Simulation: Swallowing and Communication Management for Patients with a Tracheostomy.  This has been contributed by Goulburn Valley Health and was written for speech pathology staff and students.

SimGHOSTS 2016 Australia!

Now entering its sixth year, The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists will continue its Australia-based event to provide support to those operating healthcare simulation technologies around the world.  The event runs from July 5th – 8th, 2016 in Melbourne (Victoria)

This specialized hands-on conference is a unique training meeting which allows for direct vendor engagements with the real “end-users” of simulation-based technology. Join this international technical-based professional medical simulation community to train and showcase your products/services through exhibitor hall tables and/or direct hands-on class experiences.

Limited-time “Early-Bird” Price of A$595 will be available until June 15, 2016 – Register here!

Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN) e-learning modules.


The modules cover various aspects of simulated patient (SP) methodology. The modules contain a variety of resources including videos, audios, SP scenarios and relevant reading material. Modules are designed to take up to two hours to complete but may take longer. There is no formal assessment. Certificates of completion for each module can be downloaded after you have submitted the online evaluation.

There are 13 modules available. You must register to access the modules. Registration is currently free!

For more great resources visit the SIMED portal today!

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Hull Institute of Learning and Simulation Featured on ITN Show ‘Doctors of the Future’

hull institute of learning and simulation

Check out this awesome ITN (UK’s Independent Television Network) interview of the Hull Institute of Learning and Simulation Center! Healthcare professionals are using simulation training at the Hull Institute of Learning and Simulation to continue their professional development, improving patient care. This video is part of the Royal Society of Medicine’s news-style programme ‘Doctors of the Future’, produced in partnership with ITN Productions.

About Doctors of the Future

In a unique communications partnership, the Royal Society of Medicine and ITN Productions have launched a news and current affairs-style programme. ‘Doctors of the Future’ looks at the transformations in medical education as well as innovations in medical research and technologies that will shape the healthcare of tomorrow.

The programme premiered at the 12th Medical Innovations Summit on Saturday 16th April 2016 at The Royal Society of Medicine. Watch the reaction to the programme here. Introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the programme features key industry interviews and news-style reports, along with sponsored editorial profiles of some of the leading organisations in the sector.

Learn more about the Hull Simulation Center here and
Watch the full Doctors of the Future Program here! 

Simulation in Healthcare Journal — June 2016 Article List

Simulation in Healthcare

Here is the breakdown of articles in the latest Simulation in Healthcare journal from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare:

Simulation in Healthcare June 2016 – Volume 11 – Issue 3:

  • When the Mannequin Dies, Creation and Exploration of a Theoretical Framework Using a Mixed Methods Approach Tripathy, Shreepada; Miller, Karen H.; Berkenbosch, John W.; McKinley, Tara F.; Boland, Kimberly A.; Brown, Seth A.; Calhoun, Aaron W.
  • “Debriefing-on-Demand”: A Pilot Assessment of Using a “Pause Button” in Medical Simulation McMullen, Michael; Wilson, Rosemary; Fleming, Melinda; Mark, David; Sydor, Devin; Wang, Louie; Zamora, Jorge; Phelan, Rachel; Burjorjee, Jessica E.
  • Standardized Patient Encounters: Periodic Versus Postencounter Evaluation of Nontechnical Clinical Performance Turner, T. Robert; Scerbo, Mark W.; Gliva-McConvey, Gayle A.; Wallace, Amelia M.
  • Simulation-Based Mastery Learning Improves Medical Student Performance and Retention of Core Clinical Skills Reed, Trent; Pirotte, Matthew; McHugh, Mary; Oh, Laura; Lovett, Shannon; Hoyt, Amy E.; Quinones, Donna; Adams, William; Gruener, Gregory; McGaghie, William C.
  • Using Virtual Patients to Teach Empathy: A Randomized Controlled Study to Enhance Medical Students’ Empathic Communication Foster, Adriana; Chaudhary, Neelam; Kim, Thomas; Waller, Jennifer L.; Wong, Joyce; Borish, Michael; Cordar, Andrew; Lok, Benjamin; Buckley, Peter F.
  • Learning Neonatal Intubation Using the Videolaryngoscope: A Randomized Trial on Mannequins Assaad, Michael-Andrew; Lachance, Christian; Moussa, Ahmed
  • Simulation-Based Assessment of ECMO Clinical Specialists Fehr, James J.; Shepard, Mark; McBride, Mary E.; Mehegan, Mary; Reddy, Kavya; Murray, David J.; Boulet, John R.
  • Applying Judgment Analysis Theory and Methods to Obtain an Insight Into Clinical Judgments: Implementation and Findings With a Simulated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Setup Nadler, Izhak; Globus, Omer; Pessach-Gelblum, Liat; Strauss, Zipora; Sela, Rina; Ziv, Amitai
  • More Than One Way to Debrief: A Critical Review of Healthcare Simulation Debriefing Methods Sawyer, Taylor; Eppich, Walter; Brett-Fleegler, Marisa; Grant, Vincent; Cheng, Adam
  • Creating a Simulated Pharmacy Soto, Cory; Stiner, Jamie; Noji, Daniel O.; Rusheen, Jeffrey M.; Huang, Yue Ming
  • Response to “Unlike History, Should a Simulator Not Repeat Itself?” Smith, Roger

SSH Members can read the full ‘Simulation in Healthcare’ Journal on the LWW Website!

California Simulation Alliance Fall Calendar of Events

california simulation alliance

Hey Sim Champs – The CSA has shared their upcoming summer/fall schedule of courses, conferences and more! Check out the upcoming activities below.

2nd Annual CSA/USF Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation”

October 13-15, 2016

All three courses are held at the University of San Francisco. Why not make a weekend of it and enjoy the city? We are securing a hotel block, which will be announced soon, at a discounted rate.

October 13: CHSE and CHSOS readiness review classes. Sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

October 14: Special pre-conference debriefing workshop featuring Dr. Jenny Rudolph and Dr. Mary Fey! The Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard and the CSA are co-sponsoring this exciting pre-conference.

October 15: Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation” Keynote speaker: Dr. Jenny Rudolph

2016 CSA Course Calendar

Simulation Evaluation: 2016
August 5, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco, Fromm Hall
Cost: $350
Course Description: In this seminar, learners will review current best practices for assessment and evaluation of simulation activities with special consideration for reliable and valid tools available in the literature. A thorough grounding in feedback, assessment and evaluation theory and practice will be provided, with opportunities for discussion and application to simulation practice.

Simulation Intensive
August 11-13, 2016
Location: Cal Baptist University, Riverside, CA
Cost: $1250 CSA subscribers; $1500 nonsubscribers
19.5 CEUs

Advanced Debriefing
August 22, 2016
Location: Sacramento State University
Cost: $300 CSA subscribers, $350 nonsubscribers
6.5 CEUs

Special Pre-Conference: Debriefing Workshop, Featuring Drs. Jenny Rudolph and Mary Fey
Sponsored by CSA and CMS
October 14, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco, McLaren Hall
Cost: $499 CSA subscribers; $550 nonsubscribers

2nd Annual Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation”
Sponsored by CSA and USF Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jenny Rudolph
October 15, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco

Simulation Intensive
October 20, 21, & 22, 2016
Cal State University San Marcos, San Marcos, CA
Cost: $1250 CSA subscribers; $1500 nonsubscribers
19.5 CEUs

Learn more and Register on the CSA website today!

Upcoming June 29th Webinar for Healthcare IT Professionals: Supporting Innovation Through Healthcare Simulation Technologies

himss simulation technology innovation

Share this learning invitation with your institution’s IT department and training leadership to help them better understand the opportunities and challenges of innovative healthcare simulation technologies.

This SimGHOSTS supported webinar is being hosted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) entitled “Healthcare Simulation Technologies: Secrets Behind These Innovative Tools for Training”. This HIMSS Innovation Community Event is being presented by SimGHOSTS President Dr. Scott Crawford.

When: June 29, 2016 | 1:00 pm — 2:00 pm ET

What: Join the HIMSS Innovation Community as Dr. Scott Crawford, President of SimGHOSTS, as he presents how healthcare simulation based technologies increase training and patient safety outcomes. Dr. Crawford will provide an overview of challenges and focus on how one medical program integrated simulation based healthcare technologies to fill in training gaps. Do you want to be part of the conversation?

Is your institution utilizing or considering an investment in healthcare simulation based technologies to increase training and patient safety outcomes? This innovative technology is quickly becoming the defacto training methodology for healthcare systems around the world — but has a variety of challenges that must be overcome. In this one hour webinar we will focus on the how one medical program integrated simulation based technologies to fill in training gaps.

The webinar will be provided by Dr. Scott Crawford, EM Physician at the University Medical Center, Instructor at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso campus, and President of the international non-profit organization

This webinar event will answer these key questions:

  • How is simulation technology innovative?
  • What challenges did this organization face that prompted the development of a simulation program?
  • How has the use of innovative simulation technologies addressed those challenges?
  • How can this technology improve healthcare outcomes?
  • What challenges might you face with the integration of this technology?
  • What should your program consider when adopting these new innovations?
  • What resources are available to help your program build and maintain this program (including staff training)?

The HIMSS Innovation Community leverages innovation to reach, educate, diagnose, treat, prevent and research through options not formerly available and promote the hot topics in innovation via monthly webinars. For questions about the community, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Register for this Free Webinar on the HIMSS Innovation Community Page!

SESAM Day 3 – Watch Me Live at 2:30 PM UTC+0 (in 45 minutes)

Quick post right now to share that you can watch my closing plenary at SESAM 2016 live through facebook: