How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView from Juri Bendini

exporting laerdal cpr results

Juri Bendini, Technical Manager & Educational Services Specialist at Laerdal Italia, recently shared on his blog on “How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView”. In his detailed article with photo walk-thru Juri shows us how we can export these results into a spreadsheet and even display these results in real time to the learner!

“From November 2013 till December 2014, I attended simulation sessions taken in a hospital for training all the hospital staff involved in emergencies. It was a blended case of In Situ Simulation training. At the end of that training, the instructors were so excited by this way of training they appreciated to get the chance for getting data about the CPR performances done by the learners during those simulation sessions.

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At the end of every single session, CPR data from each session with SimMan 3G has been available for being evaluated by the instructors. But how to export those QCPR data from a debriefing file?

SimView system allows you to export the Simulation Activity File for watching it with Session Viewer. Using Session Viewer you can print out the log file alone, so you get all the session’s data in a PDF format. If you’d rather to get them in a different format, then you must convert that PDF file. When you’ve more than one file, converting them one by one it’s a really boring activity: or you can find a method for converting all together at once.”

Read the full How To Guide here on Juri’s Blog and be sure to follow him at @PecoraNera1 for more great simulation tips today!

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‘Fundamentals of AV Workshop’ Pre-Con at IPSSW 2015 May 3rd in Vacouver

medical simulation a/v systems

Looking to learn how integrate audiovisual systems and processes into your healthcare simulation program? Are you new to the technology, production techniques, or lab design? Join myself and other SimGHOSTS leadership for our comprehensive “Fundamentals of A/V” pre-conference workshop at the International Pediatric Society Symposium and Workshop May 3rd in beautiful Vancouver Canada!ipssw 2015

In this workshop SimGHOSTS Founder and Executive Director Lance Baily teams up with SimGHOSTS Event Director Ryan Eling and SimGHOSTS Vice President Ferooz Sekandarpoor to cover the ins and outs of audiovisual technology and its use in healthcare simulation. Drawing on their experiences in Hollywood, higher education media technology and simulation center design, this dynamic team will use hands on demonstrations and activities to explore the many factors when choosing, installing and operating the latest in audiovisual technology. The workshop will cover four major topics: components to an A/V system, overview of major simulation A/V platforms, simulation A/V design concepts and the basics of shooting video.

Simulation centers use audiovisual technology to record and stream video content; This requires many technological components which are often locked behind cabinets and in closets. In the first third of this workshop, the doors will be pulled wide open as we look at cameras, mixers, cables, speakers and more. Get your hands on many pieces of hardware and learn how equipment from multiple manufacturers work together to create an audiovisual recording system.

In order to have a successful simulation program, a center must have a robust and reliable audiovisual streaming and recording system. These A/V systems are a significant investment, so how does a simulation center staff select the appropriate solution to handle their needs? How do you seamlessly integrate this critical technology into your center? What other technological systems must be considered when designing the A/V system for a simulation center? Discussion will cover the types of simulation labs (OR Type, ICU type and Ward type, Skills lab), proper layout/standard layout, Audio Video infrastructure, IT requirements and incorporating telemedicine. The audience will learn the tips and techniques that are required to design or retrofit their simulation spaces.

For the final section of the workshop, the presenters will discuss the basics of video and audio recording, including cinematography and other Hollywood techniques. Participants will then divide into small groups and have the opportunity to film short movies. A final discussion will cover video editing and how simple, free or cheap software can allow simulation centers to create their own training and orientation videos.

Target Audience

Professionals working in simulation who utilize audio or video equipment to stream, transmit or record simulation exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the required and optional components to an A/V capture system
  • Compare and contrast the types of A/V system designs suitable for simulation
  • Demonstrate proper video and audio recording techniques
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities unique to A/V solutions in simulation
  • Assess your own center’s A/V system(s) flexibility, capability, and usability.

Learn more about the course on the IPSSW 2015 Pre-Con Workshop Page!

About IPSSW 2015:

Join renowned and global experts in the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal simulation for three days of in-depth discussion on the role simulation plays to provide safe and effective care to sick children and infants, and the continued evolution and expansion of pediatric simulation across the globe. IPSSW2015 will feature distinguished international speakers from a range of industries with important in-sights applicable to our practice. Don’t miss an inspiring conference with unmatched networking and knowledge exchange in hands-on workshops, roundtable sessions, special interest groups and poster presentations!

Click here to Register Today for this IPSSW Pre-Con Event!

Simulating Life Through Visualizations | “Habitat Earth” Film Helps Us See the Unseeable

simulating food webs

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit the California Academy of Sciences where I watched “Habitat Earth” inside the amazing Morrison Planetarium. I felt like this was an important film to share as the visualization of data can help us better understand concepts through a simulated perspective of reality. The film was able to show the cellular and cosmic relationships of our planet’s food web in a way that excel sheets cannot really do justice.

The Morrison Planetarium is an amazing full dome 75′ screen which mimicks the tilt of planet Earth. The frame composed of 100 percent recycled steel—supports a NanoSeam projection screen that seems to disappear when lit, creating a true-to-life recreation of luminous, faraway space and skies.

morrison planetarium

About Habitat Earth:

Plunge below the ocean’s surface to explore the dynamic relationships found in deep ocean ecosystems; dig beneath the forest floor to see how Earth’s tallest trees rely on tiny fungi to survive; and soar to new heights to witness the intricate intersection between human and ecological networks.

Narrated by Frances McDormand, our latest original planetarium show features stunning visualizations of both biological and human-built networks (and of how they intersect), taking show-goers on an incredible, immersive journey through the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

Visualizing Data to Provide Simulated Experience:

“Shauna Lacoste is the production coordinator for the Visualization Studio here at the Academy, which means she manages deadlines, schedules meetings, gathers assets, and much, much more for each Morrison Planetarium production.

The much, much more is generally research. She works with the scientific advisors for the shows to understand how to convey content accurately—both in terms of ideas and visuals. Then she gets to dive even deeper.

For the current show, Habitat Earth, that meant diving into the kelp forest and the San Francisco Bay to understand the food webs at each location—identifying the producers and consumers and determining how the organisms interact.

For some topics, it was simply a matter of finding the right data and putting it into a manageable format for the artists. Finding the kelp forest food web data, for example, meant looking through photo libraries to translate the information on organisms to something a bit more visual—their look, color and relative size, for example. When it came to the San Francisco Bay food web, Academy scientist Peter Roopnarine had published data on fish and invertebrates in the bay, but Lacoste had to conduct further research on the birds and mammals connected to those organisms. “I felt like a scientist, too,” she says, “making observations and gathering data.”

Important Message:

“One of the messages of this show is that the living world is a very busy, highly interactive network and economy and it’s under stress right now. Those natural economies have a direct impact on human beings, and we have to understand how they work and how well they can withstand the pressure we’re putting them under. It’s important not just for the health of the planet, but the health of human well-being, too.”

How else could we as simulationists incorporate data visualization, animation, and good old fashion film-making to better portray the learning opportunities, training shortfalls, or awareness campaigns?

If you are ever in San Francisco make sure the Cal Academy of Sciences is on the list.

Click here to learn more about Habitat Earth.

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SimX Augmented VR Glasses Win IMSH Serious Games Showcase | Video Interview

augment reality

At the IMSH 2015 HealthySim had a chance to interview Ryan Ribeira, CEO of SimX, and practicing resident physician in emergency medicine at Stanford. Ryan was showcasing SimX at the 5th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase and Arcade which took place at IMSH 2015 in New Orleans, LA and provided over 300 attendees demonstrations of more than 21 entries. The event, started by Dr. Eric B. Bauman, continues to attract exceptional talent from around the world and did a fantastic job of highlighting some serious technology advances in our field such as SimX – which walked away as the WINNER of the Small Business or Corporation category.  (Click here to visit for a full showcase awards recap).

More about SimX:

Virtual Patients: SimX’s software replaces your physical simulation mannequins with a customizable, high-definition, 3D virtual patient, that can be projected onto any empty hospital bed. Whether obese, pregnant, young, old, vomiting, missing limbs, bleeding, or expressing any number of other physical signs and symptoms, SimX’s software allows you to reproduce patient presentations with unprecedented visual fidelity.

Case Builder: Build complex cases in minutes using the powerful visual case building system. Drag & drop events onto the field, determine the environment, and set patient data with just a few clicks. Use SimX’s powerful case monitoring and feedback system to see the case from each trainee’s perspective, and adjust case parameters on the fly.

Global Case Marketplace: SimX allows you to access thousands of cases from top hospitals across the globe! Let your trainees learn from specialists at the cutting edge of their field. Tap into the expertise of your own simulation specialists. Market your cases to the world and turn your expertise into revenue.

Direct Integration: SimX is built so that your trainees can learn using the tools you already have right at your institution. You can use your own beds, monitors, ultrasounds, stethoscopes, even your existing simulation manniquins! It’s easy to ensure that SimX software will recognize your tools, and allow your trainees to use them in the simlation.

Cloud Based Software: SimX’s marketplace, case authoring tools, and moderator interface are all located on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about downloads or compatibility issues. Write and run cases from your desktop, laptop, or even your mobile device! If it has a browser, it works with SimX.

Reporting:  SimX’s case authoring and moderating tools come with powerful reporting features built right in. Every order, request, and event is recorded on the case timeline, so your team can debrief and see how cases might have gone if their decisions had been different. Create powerful reports that can help you pinpoint where trainees need the most help, and can track the improvement of teams or individuals over time.

Learn more at!

“Defining Excellence in Simulation” New Medical Simulation Book From SSH


Recently published “Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs” is an official publication of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), created to support the Society’s mission to encourage excellence in healthcare education, practice and research through the use of simulation. With nearly 140 expert clinicians and educators contributing, this authoritative guide offers clear-cut definitions, recommendations and best practices for all types of simulation training programs. This is a must-read for healthcare managers, educators and researchers looking to create or manage successful, cost-effective, researched-based simulation programs.

Buy Excellence in Simulation Now on!

A wide range of topics — essential to the development and management of successful and cost-effective simulation programs – include: Simulation Standards – best practices and program development; Types of Simulation Programs – infrastructure, framework; Simulators – types, selection and usage; Funding – fundraising, income sources; Management – asset management, policies and procedures; Environmental Design – building a simulation center; technical infrastructure; and Educational Development; Faculty Development; Research, and more, including:

  • Well-referenced, reader-friendly content is continually available, practical and timely
  • Standards and recommendations based on actual programs around the world that have proven to be sustainable, cost-effective and successful
  • Editors and many authors central to SSH’s role in learning and defining best practices for simulation and simulation program management
  • Interprofessional group of editors and authors offering diverse perspectives, from areas of nursing, medicine, allied health, numerous specialties, and non-clinical fields including organizational behavior, psychology, statistics, business, and engineering
  • Terms of Reference – Defines and standardizes simulation terms and concepts for users, learners and developers
  • Experts Corner – Commentary on particular areas of training, research and program development by simulation experts and founders
  • Consider This – Text boxes provide practical how-to sections on important related topics


Janice C. Palaganas PhD RN NP CEN (Editor)
Juli C. Maxworthy DNP MSN MBA RN CNL C (Editor)
Chad A. Epps MD (Editor)
Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Mancini RN PhD NE-BC FAHA ANE (Editor)

Dr. Rachel Umoren is a practicing neonatologist, a clinician educator and researcher in medical education. She is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, a Faculty Fellow at the Ball State University Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts, and a visiting Scientist Scholar in Health Services Research at the Regenstrief Institute, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana. In these various capacities, she investigates the best practices and outcomes of educating health professional students through collaborative 3D virtual environments. Her particular interests are in interprofessional teamwork in both local and global health settings. In this capacity, she has developed simulations for teamwork, public health training, and traveler safety in global health settings.

Learn more about the project through this research report which utilized the Virtual TeamSTEPPS application.

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Our Medical Simulation Newsletter Crossed Over 3,000 Monthly Subscribers!

medical simulation newsletter

This week is pleased to announce we crossed a new milestone — over 3,000 email subscribers to our free medical simulation newsletter! HealthySim started in April of 2010 with just 30 readers a month, and has continued to grow ever since with an average of over 9,000 unique visitors monthly from 209 different countries. With more than 752 articles published and over 100 medical simulation youtube videos totaling more than 60,000 views, we want to thank you for continuing to support and read this unique community resource website.

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Can you guess what has been the most clicked article from our five years of newsletter writing?
It was the Top 50 Medical Simulation Articles from 2014!

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Here’s to 3,000 more!

Please Join Us in Supporting This Simulation Champion In Need


Dear Readers,

Please join me in supporting Patrick Smith, Government Strategic Account Manager for the U.S. Armed Services at Laerdal Medical, who is accepting support to cover unforseen expenses due to the tragic loss of a member of his family.

“On March 13, 2015 Deanna Faye Pagel died at the age of 52 from injuries sustained in a homicide in Victoria, Texas. Unfortunately, there have been no suspects or arrests at this time and the investigation is being handled locally.

Faye was a very social person and loved being around people, family, and her pets. She was a mother of three children (Ambra, Nikki, and Cody) and a grandmother of eight wonderful grandchildren. One thing that Faye was also known for was her green thumb which she seemed to always be working in the garden and loved planting and making things beautiful.

My family had also recently lost my father (Charlie Smith) on this past Christmas Eve and pooled all of our funds together plus the very kind donations from friends and family through “GoFundMe” to assist with his funeral expenses.

Due to Faye’s untimely departure, our family was not prepared for the funeral / memorial expenses or possible reward for anyone assisting in the investigation that leads to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for taking such a sweet person from our family.

Thank you and God bless….”

 Please consider a gift to the Smith Family today through the Deanna Faye Pagel Memorial Fund Page


Remedy Simulation Group Provides Innovators & Inventors with Product Development Support


Have an idea for a simulator or a working prototype that needs professional grade skins? The folks at Remedy Simulation provide awesome consulting services ranging from product prototyping to manufacturing, sales and marketing!

remedy sim

About Remedy Sim:

The Remedy Simulation Group is the new identity of Pulse Anatomical Model Company, Inc. We decided to rebrand our contract manufacturing business and retail business starting in 2015. While both sides of our business grow, we wanted to keep things simple for you with a new organization. Clinical simulation is a crazy busy job and keeping products you need front and center is our goal. All of our products are developed by combining industrial design with biomedical engineering to create winning solutions. Our models will always have a realistic physical component that can be touched, cut, poked, prodded, and felt in some manner. Medicine will always require interaction with a patient and being able to offer that same high level of interaction with our products is our goal. If you have an idea for a new product, we can walk you through the process of licensing your idea and selling it through our dedicated webstore and network of distributors. If your lab uses a special home made product, we can also build that just for you. This can free up valuable time to develop new products to meet the growing need all organizations have.

At Remedy Simulation Group we believe medical simulation plays an important role in the future of healthcare. Remedy provides you with two distinct ways to interface with our company: simulation training products and contract manufacturing. Our innovative products help students studying in the medical disciplines to develop important and necessary skills by providing tactile, realistic scenarios for learning. Contract manufacturing services are available to anyone looking for assistance with the production and sale of a product. At Remedy Simulation Group we look forward to working with you to Improve the Standard of Practice!

If you are a simulation provider or even another modeling company we offer contract manufacturing services. Our facility has grown from the famous closet in our first office to a new 3000 sqft facility that has room for expansion. The processes we use vary by project and we have the ability to integrate new materials and manufacturing methods as needed. We can work with an idea or duplicate and existing production line. Finally we can also help walk through the process of licensing your idea, manufacturing the product, and selling it through our dedicated web store. The website suggests that “Ivy”, Remedy’s first nurse designed IV Pad product is coming soon!

Learn more at the website!

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March Only 50% Discount Off Annual Subscription for Newly Launched SimGHOSTS.Org Website


SimGHOSTS, aka the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, has launched a new website to better connect the global healthcare simulation community of technology specialists, including those clinical educators responsible for technology operation. The new website provides a great deal of new resources including community forums, 75+ hour or longer recorded sessions from previous technical events, job posting opportunities, document databases, and more. The best part is you can get 50% off this March on an annual individual OR newly launched institutional subscriptions — which brings the cost way way down for your entire simulation program to join today!

An Annual website subscription provides for a huge number of benefits for you and your simulation team:

  • Growing Video Library - Over 75 recorded hour+ long sessions from previous SimGHOSTS events are immediately available to watch. Topics range from a/v system design to daily utilization increases and from manikin programming to moulage creations.
  • Forums Discussion Groups – Ask questions, gather answers, search for previous conversations, and share your successes on the only permanently saved forums dedicated to the operation of simulation technology.
  • Document Database – Download community provided templates, example forms, policy and procedure guides, job descriptions, standard operating procedures, tutorials, and more.
  • Contact Database – Connect with local, regional, national and international peers from our global network of simulation technology specialists.
  • Professional Development - Join our growing number of teams dedicated to advancing the field of healthcare simulation technology. Research, Website, Certificate Training, Standards, and Vendor Teams are all examples of current committee teams. Join these or start your own!
  • Certificate Programs - Coming soon, subscribers will have first access to upcoming certificate courses in simulation technology specialist topics.
  • Store Discounts – Save additional discounts on all purchases from the SimGHOSTS online store (Launching soon).
  • Simulation Jobs Board – Post and read open positions specifically related to healthcare simulation.

Subscription Types (Get 50% off these standard prices):

  • Free Newsletter: Get monthly news updates regarding SimGHOSTS events, resources, projects and more. No website access provided.
  • Individual Website Subscriber ($135.00 USD per person): Get one annual pass to the exclusive content shown above.
  • Institutional Website Subscription 3-15 ($99.00 USD per person): Save an additional 25% per person on up to 15 staff to exclusive content. Minimum 3 subsricptions required.
  • Institutional Website Subscription 16-50 ($87.00 USD per person): Save an additional 35% for your entire simulation program staff! Minimum 16 subscriptions required. Best offer!

Pay with a credit card to get instant access today.

“I have been a member of SimGHOSTS since its inception because the skills and support gained from this community year after year have been invaluable. Connecting to global peers through the SimGHOSTS in-person hands-on training events and online community has enabled me to take our simulation department to new heights of success.” -UCLA Simulation Technology Specialist Christian Cannady

“No other resource out there is like SimGHOSTS. The organization’s knowledge pool is vast and shared openly with other members. SimGHOSTS has taken our ability to teach our learners through simulation to a new level.” - Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners Simulation Technology Specialist Darren Dibble

Visit the SimGHOSTS Subscription Page to learn more!
Remember – The 50% Discount is for March Only!